Michael Bloomberg’s King Hat in The New Yorker

August 18, 2009


Therefore a crown.

Yes, we are talking about the extended article published yesterday in The New Yorker on New York’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the one and only Lord of this town who is not only running (and winning) his third Mayor election next November, but also thinking about running again in 2012, as he implied in his radio show yesterday morning. What the rigorous profile by Ben McGrath tells us is not very new, which is that, overall, our feudal lord has bought off a lot of criticism and that his arrogance has shut more than one journalist.

Traditional of the New Yorker, however, the piece comes with a sharp, witty cartoon by Gerald Scarfe, the man who created the aesthetic of Pink Floyd’s The Wall (both album and movie) and was the production designer of Disney’s Hercules. So we’re not talking about some random cartoonist, but about one of The New Yorker’s best. This time, the British presents us the complementary cartoon of a slightly derogatory piece about Bloomberg. And the cartoon speaks by itself: the jokey, well-shaped crown, the shady face, the interaction of them two.

Bloomberg is throwing his hat again next November, and so did The New Yorker with this piece. Gerald Scarfe, on his part, created the only hat we want Bloomberg to wear: a rickety crown with a childish aesthetic. Good for Scarfe, bad for Bloomberg. 


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