Victoria Beckham Arrives in L.A. Wearing a (Stupid) Hat

August 20, 2009

Victoria Beckham arrives in LA

The Beckhams are not going through their best times these days.

The guy, David, is slowly becoming a depressing, good-looking soccer player. Now that he’s missed the last games his team has played, they are finally winning some, like yesterday, when Mike Magee led a Beckham-less Galaxy 2-0 beat over the Chicago Fire, which made Galaxy move past Seattle into second place in the Western Conference, five points behind first-place Houston. The thing is that baby boy Becks doesn’t want to be in this team. He thinks he deserves more. He thinks he still is a soccer player, rather than a Hollywood marketing object. That’s why he wants to play for the AC Milan, a team (Berlusconi’s) in crisis full of old fat stars. But they don’t want him very much. So there he is: in limbo.

What about the girl, Mrs. Posh? Well, the girl is wearing the most horrible, ridiculous hat available in the market. Let’s quote someone to not sound arbitrary:

Victoria Beckham was busy showing how ahead of the fashion curve she really is by wearing a hat with a zip on it. She’s like the modern day, British equivalent of Coco Chanel… Posh had just touched down in LA with son Romeo to display her trademark vacant look, stork-like legs and her new tattoo. Apparently she got the Hebrew phrase ‘together forever, eternally’ inked on her wrist to mark her 10th anniversary of her marriage to David.

And when she’s ready collapse, now that she must weigh less than her seven-year-old son, there’s enough space for two of her inside that Hermes handbag….

We agree. Sometimes fashion has a reason, sometimes it doesn’t. Because we could bash on the absurd purpose of a zip in a hat, but usefulness in fashion is not necessarily the objective. Rather, the problem is that the hat with the zip simply looks hideous, tasteless, tactless, silly. Again, I don’t want to sound capricious, so to finish with, let’s quote another interpretations of the events:

She’s trying to distract us from the fact that her six year old son is wearing a hat expressing his appreciation for beer. She tried to stop Romeo from wearing it, but he said “But Muuuum, look at what’s on your head – you look way stupider than me” and she didn’t have the energy to win the argument, what with it being six days since she last ate some lettuce.



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