It’s not that a black felt fedora allows you to not wear anything at all or, in this case, to only wear clothe-pegs on your nipples and some random jeans. It may be very original, very uncomfortable, but never properly worn. Careful, a hat implies subtlety, and, remember, everything in moderation. However, the picture is clever and it shows how versatile is New York fashion. It was taken, by the way, by WALT CESSNA, the designer who posted it in the first-class, street-fashion blog, A Shaded View On Fashion. So thank him.


Ascot Ramification

June 16, 2009

So, as I was saying on the first post of the day, the one who gave birth to this newspaper: it couldn’t have been a more precise day than today to launch this blog. The Ascot Racecourse was our excuse to blog, and here are the results, thanks to elpais.com and guardian.co.uk. This site is a ramification of Ascot, the world’s biggest hat party, and the least we could do is to honor it. Cheers.   



Today’s center of controversy, because of his dictatorial use of power during the elections he seem to have ripped-off, has been nonetheless the center of critiques for a long time. Contrary to normal Sunnis, he never wears hats. Only, however, when he’s not a parody. Here are ones of brain-dressed ridicule pieces.