Victoria Beckham arrives in LA

The Beckhams are not going through their best times these days.

The guy, David, is slowly becoming a depressing, good-looking soccer player. Now that he’s missed the last games his team has played, they are finally winning some, like yesterday, when Mike Magee led a Beckham-less Galaxy 2-0 beat over the Chicago Fire, which made Galaxy move past Seattle into second place in the Western Conference, five points behind first-place Houston. The thing is that baby boy Becks doesn’t want to be in this team. He thinks he deserves more. He thinks he still is a soccer player, rather than a Hollywood marketing object. That’s why he wants to play for the AC Milan, a team (Berlusconi’s) in crisis full of old fat stars. But they don’t want him very much. So there he is: in limbo.

What about the girl, Mrs. Posh? Well, the girl is wearing the most horrible, ridiculous hat available in the market. Let’s quote someone to not sound arbitrary:

Victoria Beckham was busy showing how ahead of the fashion curve she really is by wearing a hat with a zip on it. She’s like the modern day, British equivalent of Coco Chanel… Posh had just touched down in LA with son Romeo to display her trademark vacant look, stork-like legs and her new tattoo. Apparently she got the Hebrew phrase ‘together forever, eternally’ inked on her wrist to mark her 10th anniversary of her marriage to David.

And when she’s ready collapse, now that she must weigh less than her seven-year-old son, there’s enough space for two of her inside that Hermes handbag….

We agree. Sometimes fashion has a reason, sometimes it doesn’t. Because we could bash on the absurd purpose of a zip in a hat, but usefulness in fashion is not necessarily the objective. Rather, the problem is that the hat with the zip simply looks hideous, tasteless, tactless, silly. Again, I don’t want to sound capricious, so to finish with, let’s quote another interpretations of the events:

She’s trying to distract us from the fact that her six year old son is wearing a hat expressing his appreciation for beer. She tried to stop Romeo from wearing it, but he said “But Muuuum, look at what’s on your head – you look way stupider than me” and she didn’t have the energy to win the argument, what with it being six days since she last ate some lettuce.




Now that the legend is back, let’s please pay tribute to him. To put it mildly, he is the most influential musician of the post-Sinatra generation, not only music wise, but also hat wise. Like El Padrino, Cohen wears a black felt fedora with short brim and a slightly darker band. We’ve seen him with a beret several times, yes, as we notice in this cartoon that advertised the photo exhibition on him at the LindaLando Fine Art gallery in Vancuver last December. However, it’s the Sinatra-esque fedora the one hat that immortalized mister Leonard Cohen. As we see both in this picture and in the video recorded two days ago in his concert in Colmar, France.

The according-to-Lou-Reed “highest and most influential echelon of songwriters” is coming next October 25th to New York, which is why, by the way, The New Yorker published a piece on him last Monday. Let’s not only pay tribute to one of the most significant hotshots of the hat tradition, let’s read about him and go and see him. 




Justin Timberlake, Brad Pitt, Samuel L. Jackson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Simpson or Nicole Kidman. You name it. Because, in fact, you choose it. You can go to The Headwear Association’s site and vote for your favorite topper wearer of the year.

In 101 years of history, this Association just started this contest, in which the winner must meet three criteria: to be living, to be well-known publicly (like an actor, athlete, musician or someone easily identifiable to the general public) and to be a hat wearer in their everyday life – not just performing on screen or stage.

Pretty easy, no?

The truth is, the nominees are predictable ones. Why did the Association had to choose the most obvious contestants? It may be that they needed known characters that people instantaneously recognize as hat wearers. Especially, if we are talking about the first time this contest takes place. However, this clearly underestimates the public, who obviously knows where the hat fashion is right now. Names like Jason Mraz, Lady Gaga, Queen Elizabeth and (The One And Only King of Hats) Michael Jackson should have been part of the list, instead of the evident Samuel L. Jacksons and Justin Timberlakes.

More imagination than one would’ve expected from the Association, who began its poll this week. Voting will continue through August 31, 2009. Are we really exited about this? Not really, since it seems to be a contest full of commonplace and monotony.

2317952724_2b22391a14JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE
mtv movie awards 2 040607


The truth is that Judah Friedlander is popular—therefore rich—because of his hats. He is not actually that funny, and as an actor he has only played second roles, not to say extra roles. Okay, I agree, the American Splendor role was fantastic. His stand-up jokes, though, are barely witty and are just a eulogy of stupid, childish humor; bathroom humor, Jackass-like humor, and so on. His role in 30 Rock has been quite successful. But funny? Well, I leave it to you.

The interesting part of his performance as a comedian is that he is always explaining and preaching about his hats. In every single interview, reporters ask him about it and he always tells the same story:

 I make all my own hats and I make up all the sayings. Once in awhile on 30 Rock — I’d say once or twice a season — they will actually write a hat into the storyline. I still make the hats, but they will actually write a comment about my hat that one of the characters will say, or they’ll come up with a plot line that uses the hat.

Here’s how it happened: As a comedian or an artist, you create things. I used to do painting. Or a joke, you think of a joke and put it out there. I was like: Why do we always have to buy clothes that are advertising somebody else’s stuff? That’s one of the amazing marketing things that the clothing industry has done, where it’s become cool to wear clothes that actually have the name of the clothes on it. So all you are is a billboard for a giant corporation that is already making tons of money.

So one could say that mister Judah Friedlander is famous—and rich—because of his casual look and the fact that the media is always lauding it. With his patented hat and his big belly, Judah Friedlander has made a joke of the hat wearing. Let’s see how.





Let’s be honest: we all expected it: naked pictures of a trendy woman in a trendy magazine. Both V Magazine and Lady Gaga are known for their edgy fashion sense. So the pictures, which will be available today in newsstands, should not be as controversial and shocking as they seem to be.

What is outstanding of the publication is the hat she’s wearing and the fact that every single publication reporting the pictures is labeling it “Lady Gaga with nothing but a hat”.  Is it actually a hat? Sebastian Faena took the pictures and Gaga was styled by Nicola Formichetti, who experiments with this outrageous headgear, an orbiting and daring headpiece designed by the young milliner Nasir Mazhar. She’s been wearing it for a while and not only Mazhar has been taken to the center of the controversy, but the hat, which has become an infamous piece for Gaga’s fashion credentials.

It’s not our responsibility to judge neither the hat nor the nude. We just let you have your opinion. 


It looks like she wears a hat with same the nature she acts. The 24-year-old Australian star of last year’s
Transformers hits the screen again next year with the action-horror Daybreakers costarring Ethan Hawke, Willem Dafoe and Sam Neil. In the line of Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later, the film revolves on 2019, when a plague has transformed almost every human into vampires. Then, the movie is the battle between the resting civilization and the new one. Pretty commonplace, right?

Anyway, the point is that the main actress, who said about her character that it is “human, and trying to protect the human race”, was cut yesterday throwing on the hat style in a cute red dress. The black hat: Wide canvas brim, embroidered detail around the brim and top of crown and lined interior. Yes, on a very juvenile blue-eyed look. A hat that kept her fresh, not necessarily interesting.


(Pictures from splashnewsonline)

Jackson’s Hat News

June 26, 2009


Mr Paparazzi took his last pictures 10 days ago, in which his classic black felt fedora stands out.

These are some of MJ’s hat ramification. National day of mourning. 

The Philadelphia Enquierer

“On another occasion, Jackson was walking through a crowd of young people and somebody grabbed his fedora. “Don’t worry about me. Go get my hat,” Jackson said, adding that it was a treasured possession. A New Jersey state trooper retrieved the hat and Jackson had “tears in his eyes.””

The Telegraph UK

“Thousands of records, DVDs and one-off items were on sale, including an original signed Fedora hat – one of Jackson’s trademarks – for sale for $9,750 (£5,950).”

The Associated Press

“His whispery, high-pitched speaking voice was constantly imitated, his fedora hat on his lean frame instantly recognizable, his childlike image endearing.”

The Examiner

“He was a veritable pied piper with a fedora, a silver glove and the most amazing moves ever telegraphed on television since Elvis Presley.”


“Could MJ have been a hipster ahead of his time? Dancing around in his ultra-slim pants, long hair, and eyes half-hidden under the brim of a tilted fedora, he certainly got the basic idea right.”


Call him the King of Pop, the King of Style or the King of the World. All of them would be accurate and arguable interpretations. However, they would also be commonplace. What we don’t actually remember, and few are talking about today, this historic day we are witnessing, is that Michael Jackson was the most flamboyant, revolutionary and pertinent hat-wearer. He was the King of Hats.  

Wearing one single white glove, yes, he determined an entire generation. Wearing military badges, white ankle socks and black loafers, yes, he changed the fashion paradigms of the music and clothing business. But wearing an inclined black (or white) felt fedora that hided his eyes, he became the King of the Universe.

Lets honor the man whose legacy made us all appreciate hats. 



michael_jackson_casanova_in_concertMoonwalking MJ



Maybe is just me. As a foreigner who’s still trying to delve into the American culture, it’s probably my fault—I just don’t get the jokes. But one after the other, I still ask myself, what’s funny about Jimmy Fallon?  I do get Seinfeld, Southpark and The Simpsons, but Jimmy Fallon is simply not viable to understand. Should I think that his humor is too clever for me?

Well, I don’t know. But, anyway, his yesterday’s act with Abigail Breslin was the most childish, senseless scene I’ve ever scene in American Television. I was embarrassed, really, and sort of felt pity for one of the most legendary toppers ever, to see them doing this pointless dance with a pinch-crowned, grosgrain-trimmed, snap-brimmed, Blues Brothers-like hat, just as Fallon wittily (?) pointed out.

Jimmy Fallon lacks of interviewing skills, humor and drollness. At least he’s got The Roots.


Philip Treacy, Irish born in 1967, could be the most important hat designer in the world. During the ‘90s he won the British Accessory Designer of the Year for five times, and in 2005 was commissioned to hat on the wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker. Also, he designed the controversial, yet interesting, foot-high, flower-confectioned hat that Sara Jessica Parker wore in the ‘Sex and The City’ premier.

Well, yesterday morning, the 81-year-old Hollywood diva ordered 28 different hats from Treacy after having gotten impressed by a hairpin he did for her and having seen all the models in a hotel-lounge in London, where the cocktail-sharing and the Aretha Franklins set the tones.

It is, however, our obligation, since we are a hat-focused institution, to show our concern about Taylor’s errand. It wasn’t enough, and it will never be enough. As the star she is, one who revolutionized the hat-wearing manners, Taylor should have bought 50 hats, and celebrate with a gin-tonic, show off, hat party on a rooftop next to the Thames River. But she didn’t, and we are very concerned about it. Esteemed Elizabeth, we would appreciate some understanding.