Phil Jackson didn’t need to win another Championship to be a legend, even though he did. And he did well. Ho won the tenth in his collection. And he well did. When Kobe Bryant and entourage, Brent Musburger included, foresaw that the title was around the corner, they managed to do a cap for Mr. Jackson celebrating his tenth NBA Championship. The yellow cap, as you can see in these NBA.com pictures, is inscribed with an X: Six titles with the Chicago Bulls in the ‘90s, and now, in the new millennium, four with the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Musbergers and company where so surprised with the success of their commemorative hat among the fans, that decided to put them for sale. Jackson, a long time philanthropist, proposed that the founds should be directed to the American Indian College Fund’s (Fund) scholarship program; which is why, by the way, the hat has the Funds’s logo on the back. So it’s not only cool to wear the Phil Jackson X Hat, but it’s also for a good cause. Buy the Phil Jackson X Hat for 25$ by calling 1-303-426-8900. An go play some ball.